Mobile Patrols

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Security Services Perth provide free security signs as the presence of security on the premises. Working on 24/7 basis if there is a requirement in case of a break-in, security guards will be deployed straight way. Security services Perth specialises in Security Mobile Patrols Perth, Security guards work, Crowd Controllers, Event security hire Perth, Traffic Management services and all other security needs.

Mobile patrols are very common between the clients as it is the cheapest option for security presence on their premises. We can also assist with our security partners in Security alarm systems, Security alarm monitoring, Security cameras ranging from Home Security Cameras, Wireless Security Cameras and CCTV surveillance systems.

Security services Perth provides Security Mobile Patrols all over Perth at a very cost effective price to ensure that you have a security presence at your premises. Security Mobile Patrols are a cost effective measure these days adopted by lot of clients which are on a tight budget. Security services have professional security patrol officers which are highly skilled and trained in mobile patrols Perth.

Security services can assist you on a regular basis with:- guards, security hire Perth, event security hire Perth.

  • Opening and closing of your premises
  • External and internal property checks
  • Staff escorts
  • Machinery operation checks
  • Alarm response
  • Random site inspections
  • 24/7 ad hoc patrol services
  • Mobile Patrols for Construction Sites

The patrol officer immediately contacts and notifies the company representative of any malicious damage, attempted and/or confirmed break-in or vandalism.